Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for presentation nerves

So you’ve discovered that you must do a demo for your next team meeting. You typically feel quite worried about this sort of thing, but you keep convincing yourself that it will be okay. Yet, as your meeting swiftly approaches, you start to wish you’d never consented to do it. The mere thought of presenting your ideas to your team will bring you out in a sweat and make your heart race.
Seem like you?
It’s not as exceptional as perhaps you might imagine. It’s predicted that as many as 1 in 10 individuals in the United Kingdom experience some degree of social anxiety, which is 6.3 million men and women.
How formal presentation anxiety might affect our everyday life.
Rather than being just a slight obstacle, presentation nerves can result in profound negative effects in a person’s life; causing youngsters to give up college, job-seekers to be unsuccessful at job interviews, even leading men and women to avoid job promotions for concern about speaking in public.
Some prevalent symptoms include:
Accelerated pulse
Sweating or hot flushes
Growing red in the face
Tummy pain or feeling sick
Can’t concentrate
Stuttering or stammering
Anxiety-induced insomnia issues
Presentation nerves will often be activated by early experiences of embarrassment or humiliation in a social environment. We may not necessarily recall these kinds of early memories, but because everything is stored away in the subconscious, it nonetheless impacts on us even as mature, maybe leading to us to feel a strong aversion to presenting and public speaking in case we say something silly or humiliating again.
By directing the client into a point of deep relaxation, as a hypnotherapist I can access the client’s subconscious mind and produce new, favourable suggestions about the person’s ability to handle social situations. Not only may this help the client to feel comfortable and confident with public speaking and oral presentations, but they are also very likely to have enhancements in other areas of their life too once they are free of former undesirable thoughts about themselves.
Social anxiety and presentation anxiety are reasonably simple and easy to deal with by working with a hypnotherapist.
In my experience working with people who fear giving presentations people often find that in just a few visits they start to see a difference in how they feel and deal with social occasions.
Hypnotherapy for social anxiety helps you to:
Feel at ease, more confident and in control while you are publicly giving a presentation.
Take part in business networking events, conferences, and even make business calls without concern or nervousness.
Feel at ease to be the centre of attention.
Actually get pleasure from speaking!
At Helen Day Therapy , I use my experience as a hypnotherapist, coupled with my background in performance alongside that of being a trainer and key note speaker to help people that have presentation anxiety, and related troubles for example blushing. At my clinic in Hove East Sussex I have helped numerous people in the business and company world become assured and confident presenters.

Hypnotherapy for presentation nerves not only aids in business matters; it has also made it easier for people feel more confident when giving wedding speeches and toasts, PTA gatherings, and even making complaints!
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