Public Speaking

‘It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.’ – Mark Twain

It is an interesting fact that people’s fear of speaking in public is higher than even their fear of death it would seem. In other words at a funeral most would rather be in the coffin than reading the eulogy! The fear of public speaking is indeed one of the most common fear and prevents many from achieving their potential. However with the help of Cognitive Hypnotherapy you can overcome these fears.

Public speaking can encompass every type of public speech from work presentations, front of room training, assemblies, auditions, TV appearances to delivering a best man’s speech.

Those who suffer from anxiety at the thoughts of public speaking often report feeling of nervous, feeling as if they are having a panic attack, suffering from their minds going blank, not knowing where to start, feeling stupid, experiencing a racing heartbeat, dizziness and breathing problems to name but a few.

Alongside being a trained actor and experienced trainer, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I can help you overcome your worries and anxieties and together we can work on:

  • Moving past unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back from performing to your best ability
  • Increase your confidence in front of an audience
  • Understand how to achieve rapport with your audience
  • Give you the skills and mind-set to present yourself in an assured, confident manner
  • Combat your fears and phobias connected to speaking in public.

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