The actual cost of a hypnotherapy approach: Can you really afford not to? Find out how my work in Brighton and Hove could actually help you save money.

Therapies which help us resolve emotional issues are often thought of as an expense, which numerous people believe they cannot warrant. Despite the fact that they might think nothing of investing in a couple of bottles of wine, smoking cigarettes, dining out or ‘therapeutic’ shopping trips, by using the money for something like hypnotherapy is perceived as an extravagance. On the other hand, as research has shown that a hypnotic approach can help with issues such as obesity, smoking, worry, unhappiness, alcoholism and drug addiction, (just to name a few), can you really afford not to check it out?

Precisely how hypnosis can improve your life

The subconscious takes every one of our encounters and traumas and stores them, as opposed to the conscious mind which retains remarkably little of what happens to us. A hypnotic approach works by allowing me as a hypnotherapist to get into the subconscious of my clients, thereby giving them me as a professional hypnotherapist the chance to deal with deep-rooted belief systems and patterns of behaviour. By using this approach, I may help the individual gain substantial health benefits.

Weight control
Numerous dieters, although determined to shed weight and improve their health, find that sticking to a weight reduction plan is incredibly hard to do. It may feel hard to maintain their motivation and feel as though they’re constantly fighting their faltering will power. This might be on account of underlying subconscious issues which simply cannot be overridden by willpower alone. In my clinic in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex as a hypnotherapist I can uncover these issues and re-programme them with imagery and the power of suggestion, hence making way for real weight reduction results to manifest.

Addictive Behaviours
I have a number of clients in the Brighton and Hove area that contact me to help them overcome their addictions. Individuals who have addictions to things like smoking cigarettes, boozing or betting usually struggle in the same way as those attempting to shed unwanted weight: even when they make a determined effort to overcome their habitual habits, they simply can’t seem to free themselves long-term. Normally this comes from focusing on the wrong element of the problem. As an illustration, quite a few smokers apply nicotine patches to help them quit smoking cigarettes because they reckon that in satisfying the body’s need for nicotine they will be able to stop. However, most smoking habits are seated in the mind, so this approach frequently proves to be unsuccessful. Quitting is made much simpler by dealing with the subconscious reasons behind smoking cigarettes.

Social anxiety – this is probably one of the main reasons people come to see me in my hypnotherapy clinic in Hove
For quite a few people, anxiety really is a real burden; it can hold people back from achieving their full potential in their education or career. Leaving this anxiety unresolved with might cost people job offers or stop them gaining qualifications. With the help of a hypnotherapist, however, this anxiety can be overcome, and clients may benefit from increased levels of self-esteem in both their professional and private lives.
Even though the cost may appear out of your budget on first thought, the powerful changes that may occur through the use of hypnotherapy make it a beneficial purchase for your health and wellbeing.