Cognitive Hypnotherapy Harley Street

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Harley Street

I can offer clients specialist Cognitive Hypnotherapy treatment from my clinic on Harley Street in Central London, a highly prestigious street well known for private specialists in a number of clinical and therapeutic fields. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a unique method that combines cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnosis and modern neuroscience theories to help people with a wide variety of life issues including stress, anxiety, confidence, phobias and sports performance.

About Me

I am a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and I possess all necessary skills and experience required to use Cognitive Hypnotherapy as a means of helping and supporting clients move forward from a wide range of issues including phobias, stress, confidence, weight management and sports performance. Prior to establishing my clinic on Harley Street I trained alongside the founder of the widely recognised Quest Institute in London, Trevor Silvester. Subsequently I have gone on to assist with him.

What Is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

The Cognitive Hypnotherapy model was inspired by a number of therapeutic approaches, all of which have influenced the development of this unique form of treatment over the years. Some of these approaches include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Positive Psychology and Gestalt Therapy.

How Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Cognitive HypnotherapyEvery client I work with comes to me with their own unique set of life experiences which have led them to experience the challenges they are facing. The advantage of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is its flexibility, which allows for a specific programme to be created especially for you. I will create a bespoke programme to target your specific needs and draw upon a number of approaches that will help you overcome the challenges that may be affecting you.

Know Your Therapist

Helen-Day-Cognitive-Hypnotherapist-Hove-Sussex-01When pursuing any form of therapy it is so important that you carry out research on your chosen therapist. This ensures you are absolutely certain your chosen therapist is suited to your requirements. Find out where they trained, for how long, how long they have been practicing, how many clients they have worked with, whether they are a member of a professional body and if they are fully insured.

I offer a free telephone consultation service where I would be happy to answer the above and any other questions that you may have for me. This is followed by a face to face meeting at my Harley Street clinic where we will spend a considerable amount of time talking about the challenges you are facing and how you would like to be different in the future as well as giving you the opportunity to meet me to make sure that I am the right therapist for you.

Book Your Appointment

I am happy to organise daytime and evening appointments with you depending on your preferences. If you cannot make your prearranged face to face appointment at my Harley Street clinic for whatever reason, I also offer Skype sessions which we can discuss in further detail during your free introductory telephone consultation.

Get in Touch

If you are curious about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and would like to learn more about how it could help you, contact me today by calling 07886 593619 or fill out the provided form below. I look forward to your enquiry.