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As a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, I offer specialist Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Shoreham and its surrounding areas with one of my two clinics based in Hove, East Sussex. Cognitive Hypnotherapy combines cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnosis and modern neuroscience theories to help deal with a wide range of life issues such as stress, pain, phobias, weight management, sporting performance and more. I have the necessary skills and experience to offer this unique model as a means of assisting you during tough times in your life.

Cognitive HypnotherapyI have plenty of valuable experience to offer when it comes to providing clients with a proven alternative to other forms of therapy. I became a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner alongside Trevor Silvester, the founder of the internationally recognised Quest Institute in London.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy has stemmed from a number of other therapeutic approaches that include Positive Psychology, Linguistic Programming, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Gestalt Therapy. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a flexible approach that means I can customise a programme to suit the specific requirements of my clients, all of which are unique. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a comprehensive model that I take full advantage of to ensure I can help clients with a wide variety of past experiences and issues.

We are all affected by negative thoughts and events at some stage in our lives and this is what often prevents us from enjoying ourselves or perhaps achieving our full potential. Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses proven techniques to assist those having to cope with all kinds of issues so that they can build towards a more enjoyable life or perhaps a specific achievement. Many people struggle to see how cognitive hypnotherapy could benefit them in their situation, yet this method has proven to be a highly pragmatic alternative to other therapies.

Anyone pursuing a therapeutic process should be certain that they are making a well-informed decision on their chosen therapist, which is why I offer a free telephone consultation followed by a face to face meeting so that you can learn more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how it could help you. Once we’ve discussed your issues in detail you should be able to come to a well-informed conclusion as to whether I am the right therapist for you.

I can offer day and evening-time appointments depending on your specific requirements, while I can also provide appointment times on weekends. If there is any reason why you cannot make an appointment or if you are located some distance away from one of my two specialist clinics, I also offer Skype sessions so that we can continue a session from the comfort of your own home in Shoreham.

I’d be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and feel it may be the answer to your problems, so contact me today on 07886 593619 or fill in the provided contact form.

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