Catching Raindrops – its a mind set thing


On a wet and windy Friday afternoon last week I took my daughter to the cinema. At nearly four going to see Shaun the Sheep created much excitement in our house. It was also a great activity where we didn’t have to let the inclement weather get in our way of our enjoyment. As we got out of the car and walked towards the cinema we were met by a blustery shower the likes of which you only see on the coast. ‘Urgh I said as I clutched my coat tighter, burrowed my brow a little deeper and walked a little quicker. ‘Let’s catch raindrops’ was my daughter’s response to the situation as she lifted her head to the clouds opened her mouth and let the raindrops that fell on her expectant face drip of her nose. And in that moment I was struck by her response, driven by her mind set – open and welcoming to the environment that she was in and all it had to offer. All that separated her experience and mine was a difference in our way of thinking. Both of us were presented with the same situation, both inhabiting the same environment.  We were each driven by our thoughts and emotions in the beliefs that we had in that moment. It was this, which resulted in a completely different response to our situation. Mine lead to disgruntlement – hers to joy. I knew which one I would have preferred.

It reminded me of what I see so often in my clinic in Hove – people changing their minds about the environments and situations they find themselves in. Some decide to change their environment altogether. But more often than not I see people leading happier, more fulfilled lives with a sense of calm and purpose just by changing their thoughts to their environment and the challenges that come their ways. In their own way my clients go on to find themselves wanting to catch their own raindrops. And, like my daughter, they do so with a zest for life that is infectious. My wish for you reading this?  Go catch some raindrops