Change – its your choice

I bumped into friend yesterday whom I hadn’t seen for over 10 years. Last time we met we were both teachers in the state sector and I remember her toying with the idea of leaving her secure job as a Head off Art and going freelance. Ten years on she is now an artist in her own right and loving the life that she has created for herself and the freedom to be who she wants to be.

We shared stories about our differing journeys out of education and along the path to where we are now and we reflected on choosing to walk away from the stability that a full time job gives – pensions, sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay. I remember the leaving speech my Head Teacher making about me as I left a flourishing career to persue a dream that didn’t come with a stable job – ‘ I don’t know if she is very brave or very stupid’ he said ‘ but we wish her luck.’ On the day that I left I have to admit to sharing his concerns.

The perks that come from such jobs are all great trappings but if you are no longer fulfilled by what you are doing these benefits actually can become traps. We place an importance on these as a way of justifying why we can’t move on to a place which may, just may give us more satisfaction in our lives. I reflected back on all the risks I have taken over the years and there have been many. They have been at times terribly scary. Sleepless nights have ensued, the nagging voice of self-criticism that perhaps I had made the wrong decision pushing out any previous thoughts of excitement that the new changes would bring. Yet for some reason I have forced myself out of my comfort zone on so many times. And thank goodness I have. Because it is in this place that true growth can take place. If we dare not take risks we cannot truly enjoy the highs of success. Yes there is the possibility of failure. But even failure can be positive if we learn the gems that can be hidden in apparent successlessness.

So many times in my hypnotherapy practice in Hove I meet people too afraid initially to take the first faltering steps into the unknown, fearful of what may come along, whether that be a new job, a different career direction, a new relationship. As a result over years of being straight jacketed by their limiting beliefs they suffer from a level of depression that life always has to be the same. But the life we have is the life we choose. We are where we are because of the choices that we make.

When we realise that we do have a choice then we can recognise that we can continue to choose what to do and what not to do, what we can and cannot do. To take a step forward into the unknown, into that zone of unfamiliarity is at the same time exhilarating and quite frankly at times pretty scary. But where it can lead you is to a place of true freedom. It’s your choice. What will you choose?