Creating confidence using Cognitive Hypnotherapy

As a civilisation, we are becoming more and more isolated as we converse ever more through computers and less and less via personal interactions. It is all too easy for men and women to become isolated from society and as a cognitive hypnotherapist at my practice in Brighton and Hove I am seeing ever more evidence of this.

We need to realise that we are not using our verbal skills when we employ remote communication methods and if our kids grow up making use of them they may not learn them to start with. Programmes like Skype and Facetime help as we can get some of the visual cues but it is not really the same as being there with the person.

How might this lack of social skills affect us now and in the longer term? The absence of social skills could cause real problems for people, for instance when meeting new people or being in large social groups, as they just don’t feel up to the job.

Nevertheless, these problems are just making a pre-existing problem much worse.

A large proportion of hypnotherapy clients I see want extra confidence in scenarios where they might become the main attraction. Generally, they might say that they feel self-conscious or they’re worried that they might say the wrong thing and appear ridiculous. They solve this issue by either not going or ensuring that they don’t do or say something that may draw attention to themselves.

By utilising hypnotherapy I can help my clients solve this sort of issue with ease. Utilising a hypnotic approach to give someone confidence may not totally resolve the problem long term. It does not really solve the problem. The root of the situation has to be reconciled before a long term resolution can be achieved.

It’s all very well to pin the blame on our existing society, but on the whole a lack of self-confidence has its roots in past conditioning from critical parents or partners, intimidation or being mocked in class. Repeated comments from critical or pushy parents can also be a cause of low self-confidence. When the power of these old events has been completely removed the individual is ready for a surge in self-confidence. So once done, we can move on to the next thing.

The next step is to help the client to build more social friendships to enable them to build their self confidence naturally, which will help them genuinely feel more self-confident in future social circumstances. So I help the person to start developing new social circles and to feel really confident when they are in them. Joining a club or going to a night class can be all that is needed – as long as there is a good level of social connections. The client just has to be ready to talk and interact with the other people there.

During this process, I will be helping the person to feel assured and relaxed. This enables them to gradually build their confidence on the solid footings that we have already prepared. As a result the person builds the resilient transformation that they came to see the hypnotherapist for.