Decisions, decisions? Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you decide

I met a woman in a coffee shop today. She and I got talking as our respective three year olds started playing together. We shared similar mum experiences and she dropped into conversation that she was a single mum. Internally I reflected on the challenges that parenthood brings when there are two parents in tow. I always marvel at the inner strengths and resources that a single parent must call upon. Coming from a single parent family myself it resonates deeply. As the conversation progressed she then told me that she actively chose to have a child on her own. When she found out that her husband was terminally ill they decided to go for IVF. Sadly in his lifetime it didn’t work. Six months after he died she chose to go through IVF using frozen embryos from the previous round. The result was her beautiful son. As I listened to her speak and watched her interacting with her son I was struck not by the underlying quiet sadness at her loss which she spoke about briefly by her utter peace and joy at her decision to become a parent and to do it alone,despite the fact that her son was born with significant speech and language problems. Her decision to have a baby on her own focussed on the positives and the possibilities as she looked forward to a future. The realty of that decision shone in her as I spoke with her and in her exchanges with her son. In my hypnotherapy practice in Hove and London I often meet clients who want to make changes in their lives which require decisions to be made. All too often their fears and limiting beliefs get in the way of them making a decision which may just move them forward. In their conversations with me we find a way of moving those limiting beliefs so that truly authentic decisions can be made. We often discuss that if their limiting beliefs are at the core of them essentially making the same decision time and time again then all they will do is end up having more of the same.

I was faced with a decision to make a couple of weeks ago. Initially I chose the safe route and started to turn my back on a potential opportunity. When I realised that fear was my motivating force I decided to do something different. I made the decision to say yes. I have to admit that the yes feels like a risk, it’s moved me out of my comfort zone. But it’s precisely here that growth takes place. I have no idea what my ‘yes’ is going to bring. But I do know that whatever happens it will bring about something. Something different. Maybe in the way that I hope, maybe in other ways that I haven’t even imagined yet. What I do know is that my making a decision to do something different, riding high next to my fears, is the very real sense of hope and excitement, of moving forward. A feeling that is absent when I decide to do more of the same, when I play it safe, when I choose inaction over action. All ¬†true progress begins with a new decision. I wonder what yours will be?