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How does hypnotherapy work? Cognitive Hypnotherapy Brighton & Hove

So how does Hypnotherapy work? Well, it’s simple. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a unique approach which differs from the more traditional approach that other hypnotherapists may take. We base our model on ideas taken from cognitive theory, Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Gestalt and NLP. This means that we do not advocate just one approach when we are dealing with problems. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I recognise in all my clients that their previous experiences which have led them to have certain issues in the present are all unique. Therefore, I am able to use the flexibility of the model of Cognitive Hypnotherapy to create a tailored programme specifically for you and your needs.

One of the principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that 90% of all behaviour is directed by our unconscious rather than our conscious mind. Have you ever found yourself arriving at your destination in the car and having no memory of your journey there? Your unconscious was in charge of the driving during that journey. Responses to emotions are housed in the unconscious mind. This is why sometimes you may feel an emotion such as fear, and want to but not know how to get rid of that feeling. The unconscious is there to protect you. When it is faced with a piece of information it searches back until it finds a match. If the unconscious finds a negative match it will do all it can to protect you from that perceived danger. But sometimes the unconscious gets it wrong and tries to protect you from a danger that is no longer present if indeed it ever was.  During hypnotherapy, trance is elicited so that you can your their unconscious to help re-programme it to stop acting compulsively and then be able to start to create the future world that you want to live in.

Many people who come to see me at my hypnotherapy practice in Hove and in Harley Street, London wonder how does hypnotherapy work and believe that to be hypnotised successfully you need to be able to enter into a deep state of trance, and images of accessing this state by staring at a swinging watch come to mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I recognise that we have the ability to enter into a natural state of trance on a daily basis. How often have you found yourself at a meeting and realised you haven’t heard a word of what was being said. Or perhaps you’ve been so engrossed in a TV programme at home you’ve not been aware of anything else. These are examples of times when you will have entered into a natural trance state and it is this level of trance that we will access during our sessions.

The uniqueness of approach is secured by the use of Wordweaving in the session, where I will use the words you specifically use to create a set of suggestions that will help cement the permanent change you are looking for.

Because of the flexibility that Cognitive Hypnotherapy affords I can work with issues that perhaps you would not normally associate with hypnotherapy. This includes performance, life, business and relationship coaching.

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