How much does hypnotherapy cost?

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

More often than not one of the very first questions people ask is how much does hypnotherapy cost? It is a fair question, people need to know the financial commitment to have a clear idea.

What people rarely ask alongside how much does hypnotherapy cost? is what are the cost benefits of having hypnotherapy? People come to see me at my hypnotherapy clinic in Hove for all sorts of issues, stress and anxiety, phobias, fear of public speaking, and weight management issues to name but a few. For a number of clients, they have lived with these challenges for years. My question is how much has it cost them not to have hypnotherapy to overcome their issues? How many days have they lost at work due to stress and anxiety? How many diets have people been on and how much have they cost, only for people to regain the weight and quite often more? How many people have stopped themselves from going for promotions because they know it will mean giving a presentation? You see our limiting beliefs cost us so much. Not only in financial terms but also the huge emotional cost as well.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be a relatively brief therapeutic tool. Most of my clients see a significant difference between 4 – 6 sessions. Some even before then. Therefore the investment that you make for a lifetime of change may be a relatively small amount compared to other talking therapies where you can expect to invest over a matter of months.

Let me ask you to imagine for a moment, that I could wave a magic wand and the reason you wanted to see me was gone for good. What would you be thinking that was different, feeling that was different, doing that was different? I’m going to ask you to stop reading this for a couple of minutes and really see yourself through the eyes of your future self when the temporary challenge that you face has gone. Do you feel better? Lighter? More at ease? More confident? What are you doing that is different? Enjoying life more? Feeling more connected to yourself and others? Having the most fun just being you? Fitting into clothes that you truly love to wear? Or something else? Really just imagine.

How much does hypnotherapy cost to you? To know that change can be just around the corner, as it has been for so many of my clients, where you can be the person that you most want to be. How much would you be prepared to invest in order to achieve just that – £50? £500? £5000?

So really the question of ‘how much does hypnotherapy cost?’ needs to change to how much could it cost you if you don’t?

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