Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight loss, the groundwork for all happiness is health

Most people know that weight loss occurs when you reduce your calorific intake and you increase how often you exercise. Research shows that over half of us have dieted at some point in our lives and at any given time more than one in 4 adults in the UK are trying to lose weight most of the time. That means a staggering 13 million people are effectively on a permanent diet. However for many, time and time again, they have found that they eventually resume their old eating habits and eventually regain all the weight they have lost and in many cases gain even more weight.

Over the years we have been bombarded with the latest fads from the dieting world. It can be argued that they all can work for a period of time. But the reason they don’t work permanently is that no diet regime ever addresses the root cause as to why the individual is overeating in the first place.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight loss can do just this. By using a variety of tools and techniques together we can uncover any emotional events that may be at the root of unhealthy eating habits. Once this has been done Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight loss can:

  • Help you feel more relaxed about food and more able in managing your weight
  • Help you recognise when you are full so you no longer want to overeat and you can begin to think positively about new eating habits
  • Create different attitudes towards food.

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