I went to see Helen for help with a lifelong social anxiety around the opposite sex. After four sessions I noticed a huge improvement on this incredibly stubborn issue. Would strongly reccomend.

I came to Helen at a time when I couldn’t see the joy in life. Over the weeks we worked on the things that were pulling me down and more quickly than I had expected my outlook on life began to alter. I now see life as something to be enjoyed rather than endured.

I was aware of stressors in my life and things that I wanted to change, and I was aware of where I wanted to be. What I didn’t know was how to get there. Talking to Helen helped me build that path. I learnt about myself, how to have confidence in myself and understand my own behaviours. I found talking to Helen extreamly helpful, and having her input into find a way to deal with current and previous difficult situations a huge benefit. She also provided me with a personalised tape to listen to at night for 25 days, and I found this to be the most helpful of all, allowing the feeling of calm to come into my life at home as well as my time in our appointments. I would absolutly recommed Helen for anyone who just feels the need to take a step back in their own life for a little clarity, calm and understanding and I will most definitly be keeping her in my phone book.

Helen is amazing, immediately establishing what makes me tick and what I needed from my sessions with her. Her personalised and tailored approach made me feel completely at ease and the techniques she used were subtle, yet effective. I couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough and fully intend on visiting her again in future should life ever become just that little bit too much for me to cope with!

there are many things in life i’m grateful to the universe for, helen is now one of them, and she’s definitely right up near the top of the list. life-changing.

I couldn’t recommend Helen more highly, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for her understanding, support and practical help.

I had never had Hypnotherapy and was a little nervous in trying a technique which I didn’t know much about. However, I knew I wanted to change some of my long established, negative and suffocating, thoughts and behaviours. Helen immediately put me at ease. She listened to my concerns and by applying her knowledge and experience introduced practical and effective tools for me to see and implement the change that I desired. Rather than dwelling on events of the past, Helen helped me to recognise these memories and circumstances as the key to moving my life forward in a positive way.
I am truly amazed at how much was achieved in the six or so sessions I had with Helen. Laughing and crying, with her there to support me, has helped to set me free.

Things are better, apart from managing both flights without any problem whatsoever I also managed to travel in the back of a car on several occasions whilst in Spain and also since returning. However I think the biggest achievement was at the weekend on the way to Twickenham for the rugby when I managed to complete the journey both ways in a train that couldn’t have taken any more people .I admit I felt a bit  of panic on a couple of occasions but I could hear your voice in my head telling me that I was in no danger and that the thoughts were only electrical impulses etc and managed to get through.

We are about to book a holiday to the US in December which I am really looking forward to . Huge thanks again

I didn’t really know what to expect. I was going to have a powerful conversation with Helen Day. The environment was spot on; a spacious, light and airy loft conversion. I instantly felt relaxed and ready to explore what it was that was stifling my career and creativity as a 49 year old academic with a thrice stalled unwritten PhD hanging over my head for the last 10 years. I spoke a while about where I was with it all. Pretty stuck, to be honest. And that’s where the magic began. In a beautifully pitched coaching session, Helen was able to get to heart of my blockage with an ease and fluidity which was underlain by her high powered sense of emotional perceptivity. Working with memories of old photos, and traces of dreams, together we walked a path that was as intuitive and improvised as it was carefully constructed and nuanced. I felt completely held. Helen created a safe space to be free, creative and emotionally brave – and as a result I felt empowered and able to level with myself in a very deep way. Not only did I reconcile myself to a hitherto site of trapped pain, I was able to solve the puzzle of my blockage. I spoke of magic earlier, because its easier to describe the power of the session in such esoteric terms; but in fact what I was really having was a practical encounter with a highly trained, extraordinarily perceptive and deeply wise practitioner who has honed her skills over many years as both teacher and learner and human being to become an outstanding coach. I loved my session, I can still feel the power of it in my life over a month later. And I suspect that it will continue to haunt me in the best possible constructive way over the course of the next three years. I couldn’t recommend this experience highly enough.

I have changed so much since my first appointment with Helen and I have now completed one chapter in my life and moved on to a very fulfilling life in a new city and begun projects I have dreamed of doing for many years.’

Helen supported me through a very difficult time in my life.  She enabled me to find inner resources and strength and helped me to see my situation from a different and more positive perspective. As a result I was able to cope with, and even enjoy, the present and look forward to the future with confidence.    She was consistently welcoming, empathic and encouraging.


Deciding to visit Helen was a decision based on the culmination of several years of built up stress, anxiety and a continued lack of self-esteem. I have been to a couple of therapists over the years to help with my anxiety and self-esteem issues but Helen was the first of her kind to help me. Having collectively spent around two years with each of the previous therapists I was keen to work with someone who could make more immediate changes. And she did! Coincidently I experienced two big incidents during my time with her that caused me considerable amount of upset. However, where my normal reactions would have had me broken and in a lot of distress, I rose above them in a calm and reasonable manner that I didn’t recognise in myself! Her methods were new to me and I still don’t entirely understand how they worked, but her warm, approachable and friendly personality made it easy to relax and open up. I finished my time with her in a calmer, more stable place that had me feeling a million times better than I had in a long time!

For so many years I have watched my entire family enjoy the pleasure of skiing! Having tried it a number of times I finally gave up and in to my fear of slopes!

This decision never felt right to me as I wanted to ski! I decided to try a therapy using Helen Day.

I had 3 sessions with Helen and almost immediately felt a change in my fears. I felt confident that my next skiing holiday was going to be different and it was. I had two private lessons and skied the whole week! On one day I skied on my own down a 7 km run. There was no fear, just a calm determination that I could do it! I look forward to future holidays with my husband and grown up kids and just know that I will be skiing with them on a lot of slopes(not sure ill ever be ready for black runs).

Thanks to Helen Day I have the potential to enjoy many more experiences and fun on the slopes!

I believe everybody, no matter how well adjusted to the pressures of everyday life, would benefit from spending some time talking through any issues with Helen. I believe that she helped me face and conquer a lot of personal insecurities and therefore fulfill a lot more of my potential. I am now a much more confident and positive individual that can now face the problems life has a habit of throwing at us all.

A very heartfelt and sincere thank you to Helen for her extraordinary wisdom, guidance, skill and patience which played a significant part in accelerating the progress of my journey to where I want to be!

I visited Helen, seeking help to overcome an anxiety/choking phobia which had completely taken over my life and caused me to stop eating. Initially I saw Helen twice a week. She showed me several relaxing techniques and through using them, counselling and hypnotherapy with her, I managed to overcome and move on from a really scary period in my life. Helen was always available to talk to and I am in no doubt that without her compassion and genuine kindness, I would not have been able to move on as quickly as I did. I will always be grateful to Helen for all her support and would have no hesitation in visiting  her again or recommending her.

Helen is excellent at getting to the root of a problem and suggesting possible solutions which are tailored to your needs. Helen is very professional but also very approachable. I cannot recommend Helen’s expertise enough.

I was out of control and spiralled down into a pit & couldn’t see any escape. Helen somehow linked my current negative state with events that had happened in childhood. Miraculously this helped me to escape the mess I was in and to heal decades of negative thought and behaviour.  A small, random comment made 30 odd years ago had created a pattern of negative thought that had unconsciously held me back professionally, personally & socially. A couple of sessions with Helen helped me to erase that negativity & low self-esteem which had held me back from meeting my full potential. I have energy, a confidence and an outlook that only brings good, positive things to me at work & play. Helen invested her expertise but she also expected me to fully commit to the process. She made it easy for me to open up & express feelings I hadn’t even shared with myself. A tough, inescapable pit of desperation became a stepping-stone to self-belief and happiness.


I went to see Helen when I was at a bit of a cross roads in my career. All in all it was just what I needed to order my thoughts, unpick the behaviours that act as barriers to my own personal development and give me the motivation to ask for what I wanted from my job. I would highly recommend seeing Helen to anyone who would like to change their circumstances for the better but is unsure of the next step.

Presentation went really really well…. felt pretty relaxed, even enjoyed it and lots of good feedback… hurrah! Thank you so much.

‘The interview went amazingly well, there was one other candidate who was there and interviewed before me. He did well, but thanks to your help apparently I blew him out of the water and was calm and presented myself well! Can’t thank you enough!