Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Solution Focused Brief therapy (SFBT) is as the name suggests a therapeutic approach which focuses on the solution rather than the problem as many therapies does. SFBT recognises distress but it focuses on success. Clients are encouraged to find their own solution to the issues they are facing. Through questioning clients explore current resources and future hopes rather than their present issue and past causes.

all my fears

Solution Focused Therapy emerged out of the therapeutic arena of Family Therapy in the 1980s. It has since been used extensively in therapeutic circles as well as helping to bring about organisational change.

The basic principles of SFBT are that

  • Change is constant and inevitable
  • The client is the expert and therefore best placed to set their own goals
  • All clients have their own unique set of strengths and resources which they can utilise to help them move forward towards their future goal.
  • The client is encouraged to be future orientated
  • We look at what is possible and what we can change
  • A belief that the client wants change.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy was developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, who were influenced by the work of Milton Erickson. They were also keen to help a client identify what their goals were so that the client would know when they had reached the end of the need for therapy.

In the therapy room you can expect the following use of SFBT when appropriate

  1. Asking how the client will know when the session has been of help.
  2. Finding the exception to when the client handles a challenging situation and what they do differently
  3. Using a scale to ascertain where clients are now and where they want to go so clients can measure and recognise small steps forward
  4. Using the magic ‘if’ questions which asks the client to imagine themselves in the future
  5. Giving positive feedback to the client so they can ascertain what the next step is that they need to take.

Techniques from Solution Focused Brief Therapy may be used alongside other approaches as part of your treatment programme.

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